Call for Panels and Papers: 2013 BRISMES Annual Conference

The 2013 BRISMES Annual Conference will take place from 24th June to 26th June 2013. The conference will be hosted by the School of Politics and International Relations in University College Dublin, Ireland.

The momentous events of recent years have brought unprecedented change to the Middle East and North Africa. They have also reasserted a key feature of the region since at least the rise of Islam – the centrality of popular movements in engendering change. This conference will focus on the challenges posed for analysis both by the emergence of new popular movements and by the resurgence of more traditional ones such as religious organisations, tribal groupings, and trade unions across the region. The political implications of change in the MENA region are clearly very significant, but the conference organisers also welcome submissions that focus on the impact of change on other areas of public life, including language, literature and the arts, and on changes in the broader Muslim world. As developmentalism and Islamic finance constitute an essential element of these changes, papers relating to this within the political economy of the region are also encouraged.

The theme should be taken in the widest possible framework which will include papers on the contextualisation of these changes within historical movements and trends within the region.

The conference will also highlight the areas of research undertaken by BRISMES’s ongoing research networks. The convenors of the research networks will have responsibility for organising these sessions. If your paper is intended for a panel organised by a specific research network, please indicate this on your submission.

As in previous BRISMES conferences, panels on topics not covered by the overall theme or the research networks may also be proposed. Individual papers, however, will not be accepted unless they are relevant to an overall theme, relevant to the network research sessions, or integral to a panel proposed on a different topic.

To apply.

Proposals for panels (of three papers or more) should comprise the panel title, a 200 word rationale, the name of the panel chair, and 250 word abstracts of each paper (with contact details and affiliation for each speaker).

Proposals for 20 minute papers should comprise the paper title, an abstract (250 words), a short biographical statement, contact details and affiliation.

Applications for panels and papers should be sent by email by 18th January 2013 to:


All presenters must register for the conference.

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Chiara Diana

Chiara Diana est doctorante en histoire sociale de l'Egypte moderne et contemporaine, à l'IREMAM, Aix-en-Provence, France. Son sujet de doctorat porte sur les politiques éducatives et sociales pour la création d'un système d'éducation et protection pour la petite enfance en Egypte, avec une attention particulière aux programmes de développement d’organismes internationaux (UNESCO, Banque Mondiale, UNICEF, USAID). Elle s’intéresse aussi à la citoyenneté et l'activisme des enfants dans l’Egypte post-Moubarak.

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