Call for Papers: “Islamism and the Arab Revolutions: Dynamics of Change”

International Conference:

“Islamism and the Arab Revolutions: Dynamics of Change”, Cairo, 11-12 February 2013
organised by the Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World (CASAW) and the Center for Civilizational Studies and Dialogue of Cultures at Cairo University

The popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, and elsewhere in the Arab world, did not begin as ‘Islamist’ revolutions. But Islamism nevertheless played an important role in pre-revolutionary politics, was not absent in the uprisings, and rose to the foreground in their aftermath. This interdisciplinary conference, which will bring together scholars and activists from the Arab world and beyond, seeks to explore the role of political Islam in revolutionary change in the region in detail. It looks at three broad themes: the role of religion in the revolutionary sphere, Islamists in power, and the international and geostrategic implications of Islamist political ascent. The underlying concern of the conference is change: how is political Islam changing, and being changed by, the political, geostrategic and intellectual landscape in the wake of the Arab revolutions?

The deadline for abstracts is 1 November 2012.

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Chiara Diana

Chiara Diana est doctorante en histoire sociale de l'Egypte moderne et contemporaine, à l'IREMAM, Aix-en-Provence, France. Son sujet de doctorat porte sur les politiques éducatives et sociales pour la création d'un système d'éducation et protection pour la petite enfance en Egypte, avec une attention particulière aux programmes de développement d’organismes internationaux (UNESCO, Banque Mondiale, UNICEF, USAID). Elle s’intéresse aussi à la citoyenneté et l'activisme des enfants dans l’Egypte post-Moubarak.

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